Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hand-Drawn Design 24

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  1. hey
    nice to hear from you.
    have you actually looked into having anything manufactured? for samples etc?
    would be fantastic!
    what else are you doing? i take it you have a full time job to keep you going while designing?
    well, i never knew you had such a creative streak in you!
    find me on facebook if you want to keep in touch, i've got slow on the blogging but will try to get back up to pace!

  2. Wow this is another amazing design!! I love the side plait haha had to get that in didn't ya!!! The sole of the shoe is really fantastic and the leg kills it!!!!!! Only one tiny critique that the lady's eyes are a lil creepy!!! I love it though and I'm enjoying you breakig away from the court shoes recently! Good job lover!!! Holly xxxx

  3. u making me crazy...this is beautiful..

  4. Amazing I was going to make a shoe with a barbie leg as the heel but I never thoght about puting it on the front!

  5. Woow! You did that?
    let me tell you this is AAmazing! Fantastic! Crazy!!!

  6. I absolutely love these! :)

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  7. oh wow! what an incredibly beautifull designs!!! you`re so talanted!!
    I`m following you now:)

    follow me if you want:)