Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hand-Drawn Design 6

The orange detailing could perhaps be made out of orange wool?

Please comment and tell a friend if you like what you see! Merci Beaucoup!


  1. Hi Prad
    Maybe the best option would be to start as a development assistant. You'd be working with the designers and learning everything from them. Or just drawing what they need you to draw. There are plenty of nice shoe companies in the UK. Send your portfolio to all of them with everything you can imagine, from flats to boots, nice sandals, pumps...
    I guess that's it, look for working as an assistant. You will be learning loads!!!
    Good luck and stop by if you have more questions!

  2. WOW!!!you design and drawing are amazing!!!! i especially love this one!!!really like the idea of using wool!!!

    such a lovely blog, will definitely keep reading!


  3. just stumbled across your blog & loving the vibe! love this particular one. love the idea of using a wool. very practical come autumn time!!

    Make a pair of this and i will definitely be buying ;)