Monday, 31 May 2010

Hand-Drawn Design 8

Originally started out as a wedge shoe, but I cut it down to make a heel.

The right decision? Comments are very welcome and shall be returned!

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  1. yea it definitely would have been too heavy if it were a wedge.
    love it!

  2. Love it, would be interesting to see as a wedge also, maybe with a rounded peep toe instead of the pointed toe?
    Gorgeous colour choice though hun!!

    Holz xxx

  3. I like it as a heel, I also like the blue!

  4. Oh I like this!! I don't like wedges very much, so you took the right decision!

  5. great drwings!
    love ur blog concept!
    +louboutin shoes of course!!!

  6. i think it would like nice as a wedge as well. :)

  7. All so gorgeous... keep posting and try to make these shoe "real", is there a place you can go to develop them?
    I would love to see them becomeing shoes wer could wear because your designs are to die for...

  8. Good decision- a wedge would be too heavy but maybe you could put a platform on it, with a rounder toe it woutld be more.... robust.
    Of course there is always the wedge cossed with a heel like this...
    cheap kicks.

    Try it if you cant make up your mind!

  9. Hey Prad!
    Can I use one of your drawings on my blog as an opening page picture?
    Mine is too dull and your designs are so gorgeous.. of course I will inform everyone the design is YOURS!!
    maybe it's even good publicity for you... Let me know, ok?
    Keep showing us these amazing designs